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Formerly "Airi Suzuki France", Airi Suzuki Online was created on May 27, 2010.
With more than 2 million visitors and 4000 articles, it has been renewed on July 2016 to celebrate its 6th years anniversary. It became "Airi Suzuki Online" and switched completely in English on September 2017, when I thought I should step up to promote Airi's future solo activities globally.
My goal through this fansite is helping fans to find every single information about Airi. This fansite is non-official but has been recognized by °C-ute members and Airi herself through the numerous fan projects organized over the years. °C-ute's leader, Maimi YAJIMA, even talked about one of the project on her official blog. Airi Suzuki mentioned the fansite in one of her interview.
The translations, fansite and social networks updates, layouts are all done by myself. Fan projects and lotery are also organized by me!
The fansite is in partnership with the international shop CD Japan.
Also, english is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes.

Airi Suzuki Onlineは音楽や映像を一切アップロードしません。
Airi Suzuki Online is an unofficial fansite, created for entertainement purposes only.
Please do not reproduce any part of this fansite without permission from the webmiss, credit if you need the informations. All texts are written by the webmiss exclusively for this site, do not use my original work. No copyright infringement is intended by the use of content on this site.
The pictures and medias published on the site are copyright the owner or UP-FRONT PROMOTION Co.,Ltd.. If you own the copyright on any content whatsoever within this site and want to have it removed, contact me and they will be deleted immediately.



  1. Thank you for this website! I don't know Airi Susuki very well, i discovered her by a Youtube Channel named Tokimeki. But i like to know the lyrics for the songs i love. Thanks to you, now i know what is she singing! Thank again!

    1. Bonjouuuur ! C'est Angélique de la chaîne TOKIMEKI haha. Merci d'avoir jeté un oeil au fansite et j'espère que tu continueras à apprécier Airi grâce à mes traductions 😉

  2. Same to me, English isn't my first language.
    I'm new here, came here by another Suzuki, lol.
    Thank you for this website! hontoni arigatougozaimasu!

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I hadn't noticed the comment !
      Thank you so much /

  3. I know about her when she belonged to Buono! And now, as solo artist. But she's been, sort of, with no ideas because the latest songs haven't been great. I really enjoyed and still enjoying listening her album 'Do me a favor'.
    She has such a wonderful voice so I hope she can launch good music like 'Distance'.

    Greetings from Ecuador~