Airi Suzuki - Education 鈴木愛理の学歴

1998 April : Entrance at Madoka kindergarden
1998 September : Moved from Gifu Prefecture to Chiba Prefecture. Entrance at Yamabiko kindergarden.
1999 May : Entrance at UP FRONT MUSIC SCHOOL
2001 March : Graduated from Yamabiko kindergarden.
2001 April : Attended Kiminomori primary school.
Took piano, english, swiming classes and was a part of the clubs of manga and science.
2007-2013 : Attended Hinode highschool (now named Meguro Nihon University Junior High and High School).
She was in a special coursework made for students working in the entertainment industry, in the same class as Kanako MOMOTA (Momoiro Clover Z), Mayu MATSUOKA (actress), Leo IERI (singer), Shuka Fujii (E-girls), Manami SHIGETOME (E-girls), Anna TAMAI (PASSPO☆), Shika OJIMA (Idoling!!!), Suzuran YAMAUCHI (SKE48), Mio MASUI (PASSPO☆), Ami NÔJÔ (Nogizaka46) and Asahi NAO (Idoling!!!), Nao Asahi (model).
Kai Ogasawara, Takuya Kusakawa and Seiya Konishi were also students there, but they weren't in the same class.
2013 March : Highschool graduation ceremony
2013 April : Entrance at Keio university's Shonan Fujisawa Campus, Faculty of Environment and Informations.
She studied cognitive sciences.
2017 March : Graduated from Keio University


Various pictures of Airi Suzuki at kindergarden, shared by her teachers

 Airi in front of her kindergarden in Gifu, 23 years later

Airi with her highschool diploma

Airi at her highschool graduation in 2013

Airi at her graduation ceremony in 2017

Airi during the presentation of her graduation thesis' experiment at Keio