Airi Suzuki - Staff 鈴木愛理のスタッフ

Airi Suzuki's chief manager is called Ogu-san (Hideki Oguro, 小黒秀樹). He is a former drummer in the band Chameleon (1989-1995) and the TNX band 7HOUSE, produced by Tsunku♂ (1998-2002). 


They shared the same building for work, but they weren't in the same department, so they haven't really met before. He was the music director when Airi recorded "Suki ni naccha ikenai hito" back in 2004 and was very strict about rhythm. Airi was so scared of him. When they first started to work together, he was calling Airi "princess", which she hated, and he often got on her nerves. But as he wasn't familiar with her as a Hello! Project member, he never told her "You should be like this/give off this vibe", so she started to appreciate him for that. They often go to drink together. He's got an Osaka accent so she started to talk like him, to the point many fans worried she got a boyfriend from Kansai. She had to reassure them during events. 

Her first location manager was Saku-chan (Misato Sakuma). When she was hired, Airi said she felt so bad because the first thing she was told by Ogu-san was "Airi's a pain, like, for real, so troublesome". Airi was the first talent she ever worked for, right before graduating from college. She became an UP-FRONT official talent manager from April 2019.

Since August 2022, she has been replaced by Memi-chan (Memi Sawada), who is Ai Takahashi and Nozomi Tsuji's former manager.