Airi Suzuki - Family 鈴木愛理のご家族

Airi's family (picture from "Airi Mania" stylebook)



Her paternal grandparents still lives in Gifu and her grandparent's name is Motoyuki SUZUKI (鈴木基之). He graduated from Rikkyo University's baseball club. He was only one year younger than Shigeo Nagashima, and seeing how great his senior was, he gave up baseball and got a job at a security company. After that, he quit his job and started a golf driving range in his hometown in Gifu. Airi's father Toru says he was the typical "father from the Showa era", he was so strict he was afraid to talk to him face-tot-face until he graduated from high school.

Trivia :
The other choice for Airi's name was Merry (Merii メリイ) but her grandmother told her parents that she would've been made fun of at school because there was a popular horror game called "Merry's phonecall", so they decided to name her Airi. (Source : Girinichi! Airi's Potion #23, published on June 7th, 2020)



Name : Kyoko Marutani (丸谷京子) now Kyoko Suzuki (鈴木京子)
Date of birth : April 11, 1968
From : Saitama city
Occupation : Housewife
Height : 167 cm
Blood type : O
Studied at : Nihon University (Tokyo)

She started golf when she was around 12 years old and passed the Ladies Professional Golfers Association test on August 27, 1992. She joined LPGA on September 1, 1992 before retiring one year after.


Name : Toru Suzuki (鈴木亨)
Date of birth : May 28, 1966
From : Gifu
Occupation : Professional golfer
Height : 178
Blood type : B
Studied at : Aichi Kougyou Daigaku Meiden Highschool, Nihon University (Tokyo)

He started golf at 9 years old and passed the Professional Golfers Association test on April 22, 1989. His sponsor is the brand Mizuno. When he was in junior high school, he told his father he wanted to become a professional player. His father then made him his first clubs.
His family wasn't wealthy and it was normal for children to work. When he got home from school, he would run two kilometers from his house to the golf practice field, and his job was to wash the balls that the farmers helped pick up for him. 


Young brother

Name : Takayuki Suzuki (鈴木貴之)
Date of birth : March 25, 1996
Occupation : Golf instructor at AGC Chiba
Height : 178
Blood type : B
Studied at : Takushoku University Koryo High School and Chuo Gakuin Daigaku (Spring of 2015 to March 2019)

He did soccer and baseball until high school. He then was influenced by his father and started playing golf in highschool, and was the vice-captain of the golf club at university. After his graduation, he worked at a golf manufacturer and learned how to serve customers. At the same time, he participated in many competitions and won club championships.



● Airi used to live with her parents and her young brother in Yamatake-gun Oamishirasato-chou, Chiba prefecture. She now lives alone in Tokyo.
● Her parents have known each other since university. They were playing golf together, but as Toru's father was strict they were a lot of things and he got dumped. After a while, she came to the Mizuno Tokyo Open to support other players, and also watched him play. They started dating again then. They married on a November 15th, but they registered their marriage just one year before Airi's birth. At that time, they were living at Toru parent's house.
● When Airi started her activities in 2002, Toru felt frustrated because his wife, who was very supportive, was pretty busy supporting their daughter. He also had to pick Airi up sometimes but it was sometimes at midnight and he didn't think it'd be great as a sport professional to have this kind of life so he went to Australia during the off-season in 2004 and spent all his time playing golf. However, when he was eating at a restaurant, he saw a father happily eating with his child. He thought "I can't live a life where only my golf activities are important" and thought he should include his family more.
● When she was younger, her mother used to bring her to Morning Musume.'s concerts. She also made homemade crafts like Anpanman cushions that Airi loved or even a teddy bear with clothes.
● When her father's results started to decline, her mother said "I married you because I liked the size of your butt, but it's sagging a bit lately", which motivated her father to work on his lower body, which is the foundation of his swing.
● In 2021, her mother was hospitalized for sepsis. She spent 12 days in the hospital and almost died. Fortunately, she recovered.

Toru Suzuki showing his wedding ring


Airi has 6 dogs at home, Wynn (or Win) (ウィン, female) ; Clear (クリア, female) ; Papi (パピ, male) ; Merry (メリー, female) ; Lucky (ラッキー, male) and Lizy (リズィ, female).
She doesn't give much updates about the dogs, unfortunately most of them seems to have passed away.

Airi with her dog Win


Left : Win | Right : Clear

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