Airi Suzuki's original character "Su-san." 鈴木愛理のオリジナルキャラクター「すーさん。」

Name: Su-san. (すーさん。), comes from "Suzuki"'s "Su".
Age: Unknown, born around 2010
Genre: Can be both male and female
Habitat: Lives on Earth, but also lives off Earth. There is "Su-san." world.


Around 2007, Airi used to draw a yellow character on her official pictures, thus it didn't have a name.

In the ℃-ute Days DVD released in April 2008,
℃-ute had to make pastries and Airi created the same character, saying "It doesn't have a name yet, but it's my image character."

In 2009, her drawing changed a bit : she started to draw its eyes in another way, and added the heart, looking and more and more like "Su-san." :

In February of 2011, she finally named her character in the Weekly Shonen Champion magazine in which she appeared : "Su-san.".
She writes "Sorry you had to be anonymous for all this time... But you're now Su-san. ♡ Get along with me as a good friend from now on too, alright ? (lol)".