Airi Suzuki related translations | 鈴木愛理関連の英訳


[2007] ℃-ute Cutie Circuit 2007
[2007-2010] Cuisine Buono! (WEBLOGS)
2007 10・11・12
2008 01・02・03・04・05・06・09・11・12
2009 01・05・06・07・08・09・11
2010 06・08
[2009] Gekidan Gekiharo Dai 6 Kai Kôen "Ataru mo Hakke!?"
[2010-2011] Suzuki Airi no Aireal (Serend)
2010 08・09・10・11・12
2011 010203
[2010-2015] ℃-ute Official Blog (Gree)
2010 04・05・06・07・08・09・10・11・12
2011 01・02・03・04・05・06・07・08・09・10・11・12
2012 01・02・03・04・05・06・07・08・09・10・11・12
2013 01・02・03・04・05・06・07・08・09・10・11・12
2014 01・02・03・04・05・06・07・08・09・10・11・12
2015 01・02・03・04・05
[2011-2012] Viva Buono! (Ameblo)
[2013] Stageplay "Sakura no Hanataba"
[2015~2017] ℃-ute Official Blog (Ameblo)
2015 06・07・08・09・10・11・12
2016 01・02・03・04・05・06・07・08・09・10・11・12
2017 01・02・03・04・05・06・07・08・09・10・11・12
[2017~] Suzuki Airi Official Blog 'Airi Mania Blog' (Ameblo)
2017 01・02・03・04・05・06・07・08・09・10・11・12
2018 01・02・03・04・05・06・07・08・09・10・11・12
2019 01・02・03・04・05・06・07・08・09・10・11・12

Solo photobooks

[2013] Airi-aL
[2014] Airi-sT
[2015] Airi Mania

Live books

Solo features in magazines

[06.04.2007~21.05.2008] Airi's palette
[27.11.2009~05.2017] Suzuki Airi no Cutie Dengon-ban
[10.2018~] Motto, Airimania.

Fanclub's website

[2017~] #UgokuSuzuki



Group photobooks

[2012] Berryz Kôbô x ℃-ute RIVAL - 12 Shoujo no 10nen Monogatari -
[2013] ℃-ute 1st Official Book
[2015] ℃-ute 10th Anniversary Book
[2017] ℃-ute Last Official Book




[Suzuki Airi] UPDATE Girls
[Suzuki Airi] UTB Nov. 2016
[Suzuki Airi] Kobe Newspaper
[Suzuki Airi] Idol Mou Iccho
[°C-ute] Live interview for Kazumi Namba no Aidoru Sanjuu Rokubou


[°C-ute] Big One Girls Magazine
[Suzuki Airi] Ray magazine
[Suzuki Airi] The Idol admired by other Idols for Modelpress
[Suzuki Airi] Even alone, she must be invincible for Modelpress 


[Suzuki Airi] CD Journal "Dedicacing my life to singing once again"
[Suzuki Airi] 1st solo album "Do me a favor" Talk Session
[Suzuki Airi] VANITYMIX 2018 Summer Pick Up Interview
[Suzuki Airi] Airi Suzuki's feelings after her first Budokan live
[Suzuki Airi] Interview for Mynavi 24/08/18
[Suzuki Airi] Music Schop (20 minutes interview)


[Suzuki Airi] Townwork magazine
[Suzuki Airi] CD Journal
[Suzuki Airi] The Idol admired by other Idols ♡ We asked Suzuki Airi about her beauty secrets
[Suzuki Airi] From your favorite type to the ways to become popular! Please tell us your opinions about love ♡
[Suzuki Airi] Celebrating the 1st anniversary of her solo debut !
[Suzuki Airi] The Television "Guys with dreams and ambitions are cool"  
[Suzuki Airi] TV Guide "I went to sleep only after practicing to get a sparkling aura"
[Suzuki Airi] MyNavi "It's alright if your goal is 'I'll eat Yakisoba bread'"
[Suzuki Airi] Ray magazine
[Suzuki Airi] VANITYMIX
[Suzuki Airi] Watashi no sukina kanji to kanken
[Suzuki Airi] R25 interview "It's not like I'm forcing myself to make efforts"
[Suzuki Airi] Aoyama Gakuin University
[Suzuki Airi] Forbes JAPAN interview
[Suzuki Airi] Livedoor News interview


[Suzuki Airi] pivotdoor interview : 17 questions to Suzuki Airi
[Suzuki Airi] MyNavi Woman interview "By doing what she loves for a living, her happiness doubled."


[Suzuki Airi] Maki Gotô, Ai Takahashi and Airi Suzuki - VOCE interview (1st part)
[Suzuki Airi] Maki Gotô, Ai Takahashi and Airi Suzuki - VOCE interview (2nd part)
[Suzuki Airi] Maki Gotô, Ai Takahashi and Airi Suzuki - VOCE interview (3rd part)
[Suzuki Airi] "I was scared to death after °C-ute's disband" (GirlsWalker)
[Suzuki Airi] "No matter what people say, I think it's a good thing to know yourself the best" (Real Sound)

[Suzuki Airi] Airi Suzuki and Maimi Yajima interview for Ray
[Suzuki Airi] Airi Suzuki from A to Z for Ray
[Suzuki Airi] Hello! Project's legend OG member Airi Suzuki picks 5 H!P songs she can't stop loving for Fanthology
[Suzuki Airi] "The Budokan scenery is the No. 1 thing I'd like to show my children if I ever have some" Her thoughts before her debut 20th anniversary
[Suzuki Airi] Airi Suzuki reveals the driving force behind her 20-year career in showbiz: 'I have never missed a day of work'.
[Suzuki Airi] Airi Suzuki, 5 years after going solo, soon becoming 30 "I'm really looking forward to it"
[Suzuki Airi] How Airi Suzuki can keep her "I can do it" spirit : "The more a job makes me think 'Why me ?', the more I get excited about it"
[Suzuki Airi] After entering Hello! Project at 8 and overcoming many challenges, Airi Suzuki has found her own identity
[Suzuki Airi] "Luck only comes to happy people" Airi Suzuki's troubled thoughts on work, marriage and childbirth
[Suzuki Airi] "Music x Inspiration" Interview with Airi Suzuki by NHK Citizen Lab
[Suzuki Airi] Inside one of Airi's work day♡ What kind of work she does besides modeling?