airi suzuki related translations

blogs translations
_[2007-2010] Cuisine Buono! (WEBLOGS) 
_[2011-2012] Viva Buono! (Ameblo)

solo photobooks translations
_[2013] Airi-aL 
_[2014] Airi-sT 
_[2015] Airi Mania 

group photobooks translations
_[2015] ℃-ute 10th Anniversary Book 
_[2017] ℃-ute Last Official Book 

dvd translations

press & public conferences
_[2013] Coverage of °C-ute's press limited conference in Paris

magazine interviews
[°C-ute] Mew Mew Magazine
[Suzuki Airi] BOMB! Magazine
[Buono!] CD&DL Data Magazine 
[Suzuki Airi] Girls! Magazine
[°C-ute] YanYan Magazine
[Suzuki Airi] UTB interview with Watanabe Mayu
[Suzuki Airi] UTB interview with Kanon Fukuda
[Suzuki Airi] MewMew Magazine 
[Suzuki Airi] Top Yell interview with Sayashi Riho
[Buono!] Japan Lifestyle 
[°C-ute] Gekkan Entame 
[Suzuki Airi] Top Yell interview with Chisato Okai, Saki Shimizu and Miyabi Natsuyaki
[Suzuki Airi] Entame Magazine interview with Chisato Okai
[Suzuki Airi] Gravure The Television
[Suzuki Airi] Top Yell interview with Ishida Ayumi
[Suzuki Airi] Top Yell interview with Masaki Sato and Haruka Kudou
[Suzuki Airi] UPDATE Girls
[Suzuki Airi] UTB
[°C-ute] Big One Girls Magazine
[Suzuki Airi] CD Journal 
[Suzuki Airi] Townwork magazine 
[Suzuki Airi] CD Journal 

web interviews
[Suzuki Airi] Tokyo Sports 
[Suzuki Airi] My experience with mangas 
[Suzuki Airi] Interview for Makita Journal
[°C-ute] Choc! Magazine 
[°C-ute] JOYSOUND 
[Suzuki Airi] Kobe Newspaper
[Suzuki Airi] Idol Mou Iccho 
[°C-ute] Live interview for Kazumi Namba no Aidoru Sanjuu Rokubou
[Suzuki Airi] Ray magazine 
[Suzuki Airi] The Idol admired by other Idols for Modelpress 
[Suzuki Airi] Even alone, she must be invincible for Modelpress 
[Suzuki Airi] 1st solo album "Do me a favor" Talk Session 
[Suzuki Airi] VANITYMIX 2018 Summer Pick Up Interview 
[Suzuki Airi] Airi Suzuki's feelings after her first Budokan live 
[Suzuki Airi] Interview for Mynavi 24/08/18 
[Suzuki Airi] The Idol admired by other Idols ♡ We asked Suzuki Airi about her beauty secrets
[Suzuki Airi] From your favorite type to the ways to become popular! Please tell us your opinions about love ♡ 
[Suzuki Airi] Celebrating the 1st anniversary of her solo debut ! 
[Suzuki Airi] The Television "Guys with dreams and ambitions are cool"  
[Suzuki Airi] TV Guide "I went to sleep only after practicing to get a sparkling aura" 
[Suzuki Airi] MyNavi "It's alright if your goal is 'I'll eat Yakisoba bread'" 
[Suzuki Airi] Ray magazine 
[Suzuki Airi] VANITYMIX 
[Suzuki Airi] Watashi no sukina kanji to kanken 
[Suzuki Airi] R25 interview "It's not like I'm forcing myself to make efforts"
[Suzuki Airi] Aoyama Gakuin University 
[Suzuki Airi] Forbes JAPAN interview 
[Suzuki Airi] Livedoor News interview 
[Suzuki Airi] pivotdoor interview : 17 questions to Suzuki Airi 
[Suzuki Airi] MyNavi Woman interview "By doing what she loves for a living, her happiness doubled." 

tv interviews
[Suzuki Airi] Music Schop (20 minutes interview)

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