Airi Suzuki - General infos 鈴木愛理基本情報

Airi SUZUKI (鈴木愛理) in a japanese singer, model and actress signed under the UP-FRONT WORKS agency.

Born on April 12th, 1994 in Gifu prefecture, she officially debuted as an Idol on June 30, 2002 as an Hello! Project Kids. Before that, she was a UP-FRONT MUSIC SCHOOL student and appeared as a back dancer for numerous artists, such as EE JUMP. After being a member of °C-ute for 12 years, she started her solo career following their disbandment.

Airi Suzuki as a backdancer for EE JUMP, before becoming a Hello! Project member

Airi Suzuki's audition pictures

Audition winner Airi Suzuki (Hello! Project Kids Audition)  

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