Airi Suzuki (鈴木愛理)

Airi SUZUKI (鈴木愛理) in a japanese singer, model and actress signed under UP-FRONT PROMOTION agency. Born on April 12th, 1994 in Gifu prefecture, she debuted as an Idol on June 30, 2002 as an Hello! Project Kids. After being a member of °C-ute for 12 years, she started her solo career following their disbandment.

▪Study chronicle:
(April 1998) Entrance at Madoka kindergarden.
(September 1998) Moved from Gifu Prefecture to Chiba Prefecture. Entrance at Yamabiko kindergarden.
(May 1999) Entrance at UP FRONT MUSIC SCHOOL
(March 2001) Graduated from Yamabiko kindergarden.
(April 2001) Attending Kiminomori primary school. Took piano, english, swiming classes and was a part of the clubs of manga and science.
(????) Supposed to have attended Hinode secondary school.
(????) Supposed to have attended Horikoshi highschool.
(May 2013) Highschool graduation ceremony
(April 2013) Attending Keio university's Shonan Fujisawa Campus
(March 2017) Graduated from Keio University.

▪Family & Friends:

Her paternal grandparents actually lives in Gifu. Her grandfather's name is Motoyuki SUZUKI (鈴木基之).
Airi is living with her parents and her young brother in Yamatake-gun Oamishirasato-chô, Chiba prefecture.

Her parents are the professional golfers Tooru SUZUKI (鈴木亨) and Kyoko MARUTANI (Suzuki) (鈴木 (丸谷) 京子). They were respectively born on May 28, 1966 and April 11, 1968 at Gifu and Saitama Omiya.
Her father started to play golf at 9years old and is a professional golfer since 1989, her mother started in 1992 but stopped one year after. Her parents married on a November 15th, but they registered their marriage just one year before Airi's born.
When she was younger, her mother used to bring her to Morning Musume.'s concerts. She also made homemade crafts like Anpanman cushions that Airi loved or even a teddy bear with clothes.
Her parents are really proud of her and often offered her precious gifts for her growth, like bracelets, rings or watches.

Her young brother is named Takayuki SUZUKI (鈴木貴之) but his friend calls him Takkun (たっくん). He's attending Chuo Gakuin Daigaku since Spring of 2015 and is aspiring to become a professional golfer like his father. He loves Airi dearly and they often go shopping together.

As for her close friends, in highschool Airi used to often talk about a best friend named "K-chan" in her blog. After °C-ute's disbandment, Airi revealed the identity of this person, who is the famous dancer KANATA.

Airi was in the same class as Kanako MOMOTA (Momoiro Clover Z), Mayu MATSUOKA (actress), Leo IERI (singer), Shuka Fujii (E-girls), Shigetome Manami (E-girls), Anna TAMAI (PASSPO☆), Shika OJIMA (Idoling!!!), Suzuran YAMAUCHI (SKE48), Mio MASUI (PASSPO☆), Ami NÔJÔ (Nogizaka46) and Asahi NAO (Idoling!!!).

She attended the same secondary school as Ryûnosuke KAMIKI.

As for now, she is of course still close friend with °C-ute members, and her Ray model friends.

Airi has 6 dogs at home, Wynn (or Win) (ウィン, female) ; Clear (クリア, female) ; Papi (パピ, male) ; Merry (メリー, female) ; Lucky (ラッキー, male) and Lizy (リズィ, female).

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Airi's family
Airi with her best friend, the dancer KANATA
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Airi with Win

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