Airi Suzuki - Friends & boyfriends 鈴木愛理のお友達と歴代彼氏

Love Life

(I am only reporting about official relationships confirmed by Airi, thank you for your understanding.) 

On August 6, 2023, during her appearance on the show "Azatokute nani ga warui no ?", Airi unveiled she had been cheated on multiple times during her previous relationships. She said this made her learn a lot and thanks to it, she was able to understand other people more, and also sing heartbreak songs in a better way.

Ao Tanaka

On May 26, 2022, some articles surfaced online talking about Airi Suzuki and Ao Tanaka dating to get married. The articles reports "They soon developed a relationship, thanks to their love for golf & family-oriented nature. They've already introduced themselves to each other's parents. According to sources, Tanaka proposed to her before he left for a german club last summer."

Ao Tanaka confirmed the relationship during interviews the next morning. "I think some of you may have seen the article this morning, but I am now dating Airi Suzuki. I won't go any further because as a national team's representative, I'd like to concentrate on football. I also don't want it to become a bother for her, so let's talk about soccer, shall we ?"

Few hours later, Airi confirmed it in a blog post you can read here.

On July 12, medias interviewed Airi's father, even though she explicitly told them not to do so, because a tabloid article has been published the same morning, saying Airi is going to get married before the end of the year. He said that he never introduced Ao to Airi, they just happen to go to the same osteopath. He actually did not know they were dating until Airi's mother told him much later.

Replying to this, Airi tweeted "I know some things are making a lot of noise. If I have anything to say, I will say it myself, so please take my word for it. If you could please stop talking about my private life... My 20th anniversary year just begun & I just announced a tour. There are still many things I wanna do. Please continue to support me."

On September 2022, one of Ao Tanaka's post on Instagram celebrating his 24th anniversary got a lot of attention because his message in the hashtags read "Airi, thank you for everything" (あいリ、いつもありがとうございます). Also, he never made hashtags that seem like sentences ever, and this is something Airi does in most of her posts on social medias.

He then posted a story saying "It's pretty embarrassing, but I didn't notice until everyone told me. I'll be careful from now on !" and changed his post.

Since then, they haven't talked about their relationships but there have been pics of them both wearing the same coat, talking about the same beauty products, and some people saw them at the same Christmas party at the end of 2022.


In highschool Airi used to often talk about a best friend named "K-chan" in her blog. After °C-ute's disbandment, Airi revealed the identity of this person, who is the famous dancer KANATA.

Airi with her best friend, dancer KANATA (叶多)

KANATA introduced many of her dance students to Airi (including marina and Haluka, who performs a lot of time with her). She created the choreographies of "start again", "DISTANCE" (and also appears in the music video). She also did the stage direction and all of the choreographies of Airi's "Escape" tour.

Her other bestfriends are models and actresses Sae Okazaki and Erika Matsumoto, who she met through her "Ray" modeling activities.