2015-03-21 15:35:54 ♡Nice to meet you! (Airi)

We're starting an Ameblo blog from today ✨
I'm Airi Suzuki from ℃-ute(*u_u)

As I think there are people who don't know me
Let me introduce myself♡

Suzuki Airi

From April I'll be a third year university student✨

Blood type

Birth place
The only one from ℃-ute lol

Favorite quotes
有言実行 (transmit my words)、一音入魂 (one heart one soul)

Original character

The mark on its chest is its heart! lol

Member color
Pink (but green as Buono! !!)

What I love to do.
Sing. Eat. Sleep.

A little less than 162cm (lol)

Shoe size

I let my bangs grow for one year but
lately I cut it in see-through style!
But it just look like the same bangs as before (lol)

I'm on the right.
You can see our leader, Maimi YAJIMA on the left.

I'm still not used to stylize itーーー>_<

Hmmm what should I write next?! lol
I feel like I won't be able to stop

I'll continue to write other things on my blog from now on so
I hope you'll get to know me⭐️

Well, today was the first day of our Autumn tourーー

Thanks for coming ♥️

I really wanted this tour to start! 

SHOCK EYE from Shonan no Kaze and KOUGA-san from the TV program
MusicRu, who wrote and composed the song "Gamusha LIFE" on our new
triple A-side single came to see the evening performance
Thank you so muchーー>_<✨✨

I'll write more about the songs later but
It became a very important one for us!!

I was pretty nervous because today was the first time we performed the song
But I hope to make it a lovable song with everyone
I'm counting on your support♡

As the tour's continuing tomorrow
I think I'll just relax while soaking in the bath (・∀・)⭐️

Well! Let's do our best tomorrow too!

Here's a pic of ℃-ute today to end this entry ♡

Good nightーーー