2015-03-22 15:02:54 ♡Good job everyone (Airi)

The live endedーー(*u_u)


Thanks to everyone who came!!

There's a bit of time left
until the next performanceー>_<

The next one is on April 4 in Kawaguchi ♡
Please come if you have some spare timeーー

End today, as yesterday,
KOUGA-san came to see usーーー!!

Yesterday, he said he cried so hard he couldn't see our faces !lol
We felt his love for usーー>_<!!

He also gave us some souvenirs and a letter.

We'll really treasure the song Gamusha LIFE!

But it already grew so much!That song!!

Some calls that didn't exist yesterday
You  guys all sang them with a really big voice, it moved us so hard♡

Let's enjoy this song more and more!!

I have a shooting from early morning tomorrow too.

I'll do my best tomorrow!!