2015-03-23 15:00:36 ♡MUSIC JAPAN (Airi)

We just finished filming for NHK 『MUSIC JAPAN』(・∀・)

Many Idols groups were here so
we had a lot of fun!!

The talk corner happening before the stage was also very fun

I really want to tell you more about what we talked about but
I'll do it once the episode aired! lol

There are so many Idols now
It makes me learn a lot of things >_<

I talked for the first time with other Ray model and Nogizaka 46 member Shiraishi Mai-chan.
I was so happyーー♡ lol

I thought "One day ! Maybe one day !"
but there was a moment we were next to each other at some point...
She told me I was cute !! No no no no no. Maiyan's the cute one !! lol

That's what I thought from the bottom of my heart. lol
I couldn't suddenly call her "Maiyan"

I believe we'll see each others during Ray shootings so
I'm glad we could get along ♡♡♡

Also to Yamamoto Sayaka-chan,
I wanted to tell her "Thanks for talking about me on TV the other day !! >_< ♡" but I couldn't seat next to her and wasn't able to tell herーーーー>_<

Too badーーー!!>_<

I'll try again if I have another chance lol

Well, today's HagiSuzu

She suddenly kissed me lol

But unfortunately I blocked it
with my hand lol

We went to eat nabe when the shooting was over

And here's my hairstyle

Gamusha-life's neko ears hairstyle
with bangs (・∀・)

It was a really fun day
today too (*u_u)♡