2015-04-02 05:30:09 ♡Stationery (Airi)


We'll appear at 
forTUNE fes vol.0@Zepp DiverCity from nowーー!!(・∀・)

With Country Girls!

It's a festival where many idols are performing so I'll do my best!!

Anyway, since many years
I'm usually writing my schedules in a diary ♡

As a stationery maniac,
monthly ones seems to be the more practical to me lol

At first I was picking one after checking the inside but

but I believe the ones where we can write in big margins suits me the best (*u_u)

By the way, right now, I'm using a diary I bought at Plazaーー(*u_u)

As for the pen, I'm sticking to Frixion's ballpen ! (lol)

I always lose it though... (lol)
I'm recommending the 0.38㎜ lead (・∀・)

Let's do our best today tooーー(・∀・)