2015-04-03 08:49:11 ♡Yesterday (Airi)

Thanks to everyone who came to

yesterday's liveーーーー(・∀・)♡

There were many Idols... (*u_u)

I really felt how "cute is justice" (ノv`*)

Everyone was so cute

There were some members from other groups who
asked me to take pictures with them after our performance >_<

Doll☆Elements's Natsumi Gonda ♡

Doll☆Elements's Rika Tonosaki ♡

Yumemiru Adolescence's Yuumi Shida ♡

Niji no Conquistador's Yuka Shigematsu ♡

From the rehearsal, I was curious about the fabric behind their costume
she let me hold it (lol)

I hope to perform with them again soon