March 2, 2011

● 02 Mars 2011
Cha~n, without makeup ! I fell asleep directly yesterday. From now on I have a shooting in Asaburo

● 02 Mars 2011
Just before, we had to do the illustration for the release event promo pics of Buono!'s new single ← I had a hard trime colouring that drawing

● 02 Mars 2011
I'm drinking red beans soup

I'm in the train… I found an interesting commercial ! "How to remove the skin of a new orange". Now I want to eat an orange flavored squid

● 02 Mars 2011
Lately it's still super cold isn't it ? The cold and the pollen… Such a bad mix ! I wonder if Okai-chan feels great… I'm okay, even though I have to fight both of these.