02.01.08 11:09 ☆ Crusty! Hairy!

Happy new year!!
It's Airi★
Well… …
It's the start of 2008 ♪
I got tendon (tempura rice bowl)
Here you go… … …
● 02.01.08 11:09 ☆ Croquant! Poilu!

I ate it in a tempura restaurant!!
The tendon ate at a specialized restaurant…
is pretty different I suppose.
They fry it in front of me ♪
They had the sauce in front of me ♪
They serve it right in front of me ♪
And then… …
they give it to me! ☆★
It was delicious o(^-^)o
I… …
I love tenpura ◇
I licked them even though it was a bit painful (lol)
and I ate them (^O^)
In this winter cold ★
I got tendon… …
Did you ate some too?
… That's it (^^ゞ
I hope ◇◆
you'll all support me this year too  o(^-^)o
It was Airi φ(.. )