02.05.09 19:09 ★Renewal★

Everyone !!★
Thank you for waiting (^^)
I haven't updated in so long
I'm so sorry (T-T)
I prepared some new contents♪
From now on in this "Cuisine Buono!" blog♪
We'll update depending on a theme…(^^)☆
We'll start from me,
Suzuki Airi★!!
This time, the theme is……
Lately, there have been a small renewal for me…♪
For once in all!!
My school bag's content◆◇
My pencase and my holder,
as well as my lunchbox
As I became a secondary grade student
I had to do some renewal in all of that !!★
Well... Not really because
most of the new stuffs are gifts
from my friends and the members (^-^;
Thank you everyone (v^-゜)
My birthday is in April and I believe it's a really great
period for change!!
This year is my last
junior school year…(T-T)
I hope to have fun until the end!!★
Also !!
I hope you didn't forget what happened the 29th??(^^ゞ
That's right!!
Buono!'s 7th single
released !!
Yay yay V(^0^)
This song shows
the spirit of Buono! with
some intense rock with
guitar and bass, but you know...
This time we want to give some kind of "adult" vibe (v<●)
That's the goal of
♪「MY BOY」★
By the way, the 3 of us
sing this line at the end of the song so
we hope to hear "MY BOY" everywhere ♪
I have a lot of efforts to do !!
I'll do my best to appear cooler
Wait for it ok? (^^ゞlol
Well well~…☆
That was Suzuki Airi (^^)