04.01.09 13:01 Happy New Year ★

Happy new year!!
It's Suzuki Airi
We're in 2009♪
It went to fast, right ?~
The other day
I felt we were in 2006…
This year's cow year (^^)
Meuh-meuh cow-san☆
Hello! Project's concert tour started
since the 2
And us
(℃-ute and Berryz Koubou)
are giving each other greetings cards
on the 2♪
This year, everyone got one too (^^)
From Momo…
We got a very cute card
which had a character shaped as a cow on it
Miya's one was
a picture of a dog disguised as a cow
That's what I received  o(^-^)o
That made me so happy♪
as I talked a lot already
let's get to the point…
● 04.01.09 13:01 Bonne année ★
New Year's dish and Gameni (^O^)
That New Year's dish is
made from soy sauce
and bonito★
Ingredients are just komatsu and mochi!!
So simple (^^)☆
Sometimes during H!P concerts
They give us a New Year meal
This one contained so many things ((sweat
"Oh man, there's that too!!"
That's how I reacted the first time I saw it♪
That was all Buono! lol
There was one more
called "Gameni"
it's a local dish from the north of Kyushu
The ingredients are like (^O^)
Lotus roots, carots, taro and chicken!!
To me, the important points are
・The vegetables are sauteed
・Burdock and ginger are fundamental things!!★
It's really delicious ーo(^-^)o
With that feeling
The new year is coming with many delicious food♪
Everyone !!
Please support me in 2009 too !