04.06.09 ★Hyahoーi o(^-^)o

Good evening !!(^^)
It's Suzuki Airi…
playing Terayama Izumi (^^ゞ★

It's a bit late to talk about it but ~
My character, Izumi
is an high-school student ~(^O^)
She's older than me!!
I'll become an highschool student from next April myself too…(^^)♪

This time, the character I'm playing
is the one I can identify myself the most
out of all the ones I've played until now...
Until now
there have been many characters with a completely different personality than me
or high-ranked characters like princess…
and I thought it was hard to play these
but now I think it's even more to play a character
that it somehow similar to you !!(^-^;
I'm working on it every dayー…Yup.
Please pay attention to my character, Izumi~★
Anyway, I'll do my bestー(^^)

while writing this entry
I'm singing the play's song with the other cast members!!♪

We're very very loud !!

Only 12 days are left until the first date (゜▽゜)!!
Time flies so fastー(^-^;
I'll work hard from tomorrow too!!

See you o(^-^)o
● 07.06.09 ★Hyahoーi o(^-^)o