04.11.09 17:00 ★ Fall~♪

Yahoooo o(^-^)o
It's Suzuki Airi★

I know I always say this but
It's been a while…
I'm so sorry  (T-T)


Two members of Buono!
caught the flu (T-T)

I'm so glad they've overcame it (v_v)

Is everybody alright ??
Suzuki herself…
is alright !(^^)
I'm going to school every day !!

Well, today's entry theme is ♪
This one !!
What would I like to eat this fall ♪(^^)
First of all
①Sanma with some daikon!
That's the main one~
Lately they've been putting a lot of these
at °C-ute's catering ♪
It seems that eating fish properly makes you look mature so
I'll do my best ★waha

Ah, by the way
it's °C-ute member Nacky's favorite dish ☆

②Potatoes and chestnut (^^)
These two really gives a "fall feeling"♪
I'm so attracted by chestnut parfait
or by anything else with chestnut (^0^)/
I eat a lot, right……
But lately I've discovered something even more special!!
『Chestnut crème brulée』!!
°C-ute leader Yajima Maimi-san
loves crème brûlée and makes it herself~
I found it!
The picture she's sent me (^^)
Maimi made us these for °C-ute's concert at Nakano Sun Plaza !!

● 04.11.09 17:00 ★ Fall~♪
It was so good o(^-^)o
So I thought
"I'll do my best
to make something too~"
And that's what I did ☆
● 04.11.09 17:00 ★ Fall~♪
Fruit jelly(^^)lol
Pretty simple (^-^;
But delicious ♪
I'll try to do better next time !!
I'll stop with this talk
about food (^_^)