10.11.08 14:44 So good ★

Everyone !!
Thanks for waiting ☆
I'm sorry
for the late updae m(._.)m
…★Do it properly!★…
as winter's coming
it's getting colder (>_<)
I keep saying
"Is it already winter?!"
because the days are so cold ◇
I hope
you didn't catch a cold??
I'm sure you'll be fine♪lol

Ah!! Today's weather is pretty good
as by chance☆
I'll show you things I always eat (^-^)v
What am I talking about …
That's right here !!
● 10.11.08 14:44 Super bon★
Do you understand what it is ??
It's 100% honey
●Solid honey●p(^^)q
It's really sweet and
always helps my sore throat…
*Cough cough (T-T)*
I may have a sore throat…(ノ_・。)
So I suck on these candies (^^)
I wonder
what's your favorite performance of me
with sore throat ?!(^-^;
Try to suck one of these whenever you feel sick♪
Maybe it can help!!
I also recommend lemon tea σ(^-^)
Your body will heat up and it's so good !!
By any means !!
Try to drink some ♪
It was Airi★