11.06.09 Hello~★

It's my third entry on this blog !!
Playing Terayama Izumi,
it's Suzuki Airi o(^^)o
For the first time, we've worn our new outfits ♪
I was so nervous (^^)/(>_<;★
I can't talk about much details but...
This time
Pay attention to Izumi's
character change (^^ゞ
Even though,
it's still a secret (lol)
The rehearsals are going well.
Until the real performance...
If we count today
there are only 6 days left to rehearse (´Д`)!!
Not even one week left !! (。。;)
I really have to do my best !!
Well, tomorrow too
I have to work hard with all of my energy !!
And also !!
Suddenly, the lights went off!!
At that same moment...
A cake appeared~(゜▽゜)
I was so surprised !!
I wondered what happened.
Can you guess what day it is today ?
°C-ute's 4th anniversary V(^0^)
● 11.06.09 Hello~★
All of the staff members
and the cast sang us "Happy Birthday" (^^)♪
Yay yay !!
Thanks a bunch ★
Ah !
All of the °C-ute fans reading this blog,
please continue to support us, alright ? (人´∀`)
The cake was so good ~★
I'll be going !! (^^ゞ
I'll work hard tomorrow too (^O^)