11.08.10 15:03 ★Hahahaaan (^0^)

Hello (*゜ー゜)v
It's Suzuki Airi!!
Yesterday was Buono!'s event
at Odaiba USA!
Despite the heat
many people came
and that made very happy o(^-^)
It was so fun~★
Are you feeling good today??
I'm on top of my shape!lol

Buono!'s best album
「THE Best Buono!」
released the other day!!
This time
each member handwrote the lyrics
in the booklet
That's a first time!

The limited editions contains
all of our coupling tracks so don't miss it♪!!

After this album there's the
「Rock’n Buono!3」
that starts tomorrow !!★
This lives will be even more rock and fun ♪
I can't tell you in much details but
it's going to be great~!! ((sweat
Some of our outfits are multicolor
Don't tell anyone I've said this~←lol
Naiyo wa
ienai yo!!(^^)lol (t/n I won't tell you the details)
……I made a pun、♪lol
Did you notice??lol
We had a rehearsal and I feel muscle pain★
But it's going to be so fun(^^)!!
Please come to see us!!
Don't forget your towel and your water!!
Otherwise it's going to be pretty hard (^0^)/
Don't miss it ★
See you~★