(2011/02/12 22:01) The prize of the victory lol

Good evening ☺

It's Suzuki Airi ♥♥

Today was
♧ 「Zassou no Uta」♧ 's
release event!

During the 2nd event
during the game
the winner could get something...

It was...
Suzubitan B. lol

After Momobitan B
there comes Suzubitan B。←haha

Suzu= from "Suzuki"

B= My bloodtype is B, and also from "Buono!"

What's up with thaaaat ♥

I did my best with Suzu B's power!! ✿
So I got fired up ←
It was fun o/

To everyone who came today
Thank you so much ✿

I got a lot of power from you
during the handshake !

Yesterday's live was also
very fun,
everyone was so
fired up ♥

I'll do my best for the Shibuya event as well ♥

See you soon for the next update