15.04.08 13:08 ★You're gonna get angry~★ lol

● 15.04.08 13:08 ☆ ★Vous allez avoir faim~★ lol
Hehehe……… (-。-)y 
Ah!! (。・_・。)ノ
Hello ♪
It's Suzuki Airi ◆◇◆
This time…
You're gonna get angry by reading my post!! lol
We arrived in Sendai.
When I say "Sendai", what do you think about??
!! Yeah
Beef tongue(v^-゜)
With °C-ute…
For 2008!!
We're going to sing Rakuten Eagles'
official support song ★♪
「Koeru! Rakuten Eagles」
And ……
We went to see ~
Rakuten Eagles' season opening !!
It was my first time……
To see a live championship…
It was so thrilling !!
Speaking of baseball…
I don't know anything about the rules(^-^;
At first I asked everyone around me to help me understand but then I've just watched it!!
And little by little I started to get it
and when the fans started to sing the support song…◆
I sang with Nacky (^o^)v
…… Whoops! (>_<)
I drove off the topic
So sorry… (^-^;
I'll talk about the beef tongue again ♪
The members and the staff-san…
We went to a restaurant
Let’s GO!
And ate real beef tongue♪
On the pic, you can see cooked beef tongue ★
There were some beef tongue burgers…
Some beef tongue stew…
We ate a lot!!
Beef tongue's paradise lol
It was so delicious ☆
By the way……
All of °C-ute's members…
Had some vegetables in their plates
and they were so good!!
Talking about Maimi-chan…
She wanted to find the recipe !
As expected from the leader ♪ lol
I want to eat it again~
Remembering all of these
made me happy (^-^)
That was really Buono! ◆
Well… (^-^)/
It was Airi