15.12.08 19:36 So good~σ(^-^) ♪

Everybody !!☆
It's Suzuki Airiiii ♪
Iya iya iyaaaa (^^)
I came back to Tokyo from Osaka ★
Nacky was just next to me ♪
Ah, lately I call Nacky
Maimi-chan does too。
Eh?? Why do I call her like this??
There's no particular reason
it's just
easier to call her like this (^^)
From today
when I talk about Nacky
I'll say 「Nakiko」♪
………Well, to change the topic
Today was °C-ute's fanclub event in Osaka ♪
A lot of things happened♪
The atmosphere was on fire !!
Ah, I sweat a lot…(^-^;
Maimi-chan also sweat a lot (^o^◎) 
Her metabolism is way better
We'll do our best next week too !!
To change the topic one more time...
Something happened in the train!!
How to say this…
We've been introduced to some dishes☆
And today
Something came from Osaka!!
It was an
★Osaka Special★ o(^-^)o
That's what's it's called…
Two takoyaki and takomeshi bento !!!!!!!!!!
Here's how it looked like
● 15.12.08 19:36 C’est bon~σ(^-^) ♪
Nnn mouuuw(゜o゜)w
It was so good!!
I thought
"Buooooonooo!!"(^^) lol
Nakiko also liked it♪
In a way
the sweet takoyaki goes well with the takomeshi's flavour o(^-^)o
My stomach's full (^^;)lol
Something funny happened too!!
As you can see on the picture…
In the takomeshi's box angle
there's a square-shaped thing.
In fact they were sweet potatoes.
There also delicious, aren't they ?
There were a lot of sauce in these bento★
Personally it made me really happy(-v-;)
But that sweet sauce went on Nakiko's takomeshi
so it became so sweet
And Nakiko was like↓
(●∪.∪)「Oh wow」
「Is that sweet bell pepper ??」
「Ah, that bell pepper is so sweet」
「How is it?!」
……The word [sweet pepper]
was repeated a lot of time (^-^;
It was so funny !!☆
Well anyway
that takomeshi was so good★
If you live in Osaka
try to find the same bento and eat it!!
Ah~I want to eat it once again…lol
Well !!
Airi's going to sleep
to be in good shape tomorrow!!
As she's in Tokyo now
She'll try to sleep
See you next time~
It was Airi♪
Bye byeeee(^^)☆