16.05.08 23:28 Strawberry…paradise♪

Jajajaaan o(^-^)o
Hi everyone !!★
It's Suzuki Airiiii(^^)
Today's theme will be
May 11, where were you ??
Yeah !!★
It was mother's day♪
This year………
with all my family (^^ゞ
I ate an absolutely delicious cake (。・_・。)ノ
Here you go !!☆
● 16.05.08 23:28 Strawberry…paradise♪
A strawberry cake !!
The cream which was inside
was so good ☆
And at the top………
were so much strawberries!!
So, so♪
So good ★
By the way………
For my mother (^^ゞ
I gave her a fan as a present ☆
Because lately it's so hot (^-^;
She used it…
which made me very happy !!
I'm so happy (^o^)v
After then………
I have an announcement to make (v_v)
On the 14, Buono!'s 3rd single☆★
released ◇◆
It's a little bit different than what we usually do
the song's pretty cute!!
For the music video
we shot in a school……
I think that makes everything even more cute !!
So everybody !!★
Please watch it~↑↑
Well o(^-^)o
It was Suzuki Airi♪