17.12.07 14:39 ◆Strawberries~◆

Hi there ★
It's Airi (*●ⅤvⅤ)

Well, this time~
Look, look!!
● 17.12.07 14:39 ◆fraises~◆
Some strawberries ◆◇
I thought there was no fruits this season ((*hehe*
Because it's soon to be christmas, isn't it? (^^)/
My christmas cake is…
a small strawberry cake!!

…I think
there are so much in the house right now ☆

During summer my mother… …
is making me strawberry milk (^^ゞ

Now we're in winter ♪
I love strawberries in summer…

Ah… (●>_<) That fruit is so sweet, so tasty o(^-^)o
The taste was excellent!!
I love fruits…

Eating a lot allows you to fight winter !!
That's it… …
For Airi Suzuki's report ♪