Jul 20, 2016

18.06.09 13:32 ★Rain season~(;^-^ ☆

Hello (^^)★
It's Airi ☆
We're already in the middle of June~
It's rain season~
Do you like it ??
…Ah、nobody likes it!!
Except kappas o(^-^)olol
As for me…
I couldn't tell if I liked it or not (゜_゜
I didn't like it when it was humid…lol
There have been a lot of rain
Be careful not to catch a cold (^^ゞ
I'll do my best for today's Gekiharo!!(^^)

●18.06.09 13:32 ★Saison des pluies~(;^-^ ☆

☆-About the pic-☆
During rainy days
I draw on my sciences notebooks.
Why ?!
Simply because...
Lately in Sciences
we're studying climat
and we're talking about rainy days
or autumn season.
So I got sleepy !!
( ̄▽ ̄;)
And at that same moment
I thought about
Tsuugaku Vector's lyrics.
Then I noticed
that I missed what the professor told me!!
I hurried up and wrote!!(^^)
That's what I thought.
………That was a long explanation
Everything because of Sciences (^^) lol
Well then!!
Bye byyye o(^-^)o

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