August 19, 2010

● Entrées du 19 Août 2010
We finished the events at Koshien. Today was hot as well~ So I hydrate myself. I'll eat lunch from now. In the pic, you can see the cotton we're using to apply make-up.

● Entrées du 19 Août 2010
Moving~ I ate some udon for lunch. The picture has been taken in front of a giraffe after the radio recording. Nakajima and Suzuki's giraffe (lol)

Announcement. °C-ute STAFF also started a Serend blog. Please check it out, and comment on it... lol

● Entrées du 19 Août 2010
I'm back !! I brought gifts for everyone~ The picture is from yesterday, we posed with the mascot with Nacky.