19.08.09 00:00 ★Se~a is hu~ge

It's Airi ★
This time, the theme is…….
This !!
~The beach~
It's pretty recent so I'd like to talk about
my memories at the beach ♪
….. I say this but,
I can't swim… (T-T)
So all of my memories are pretty sad …
Yup (>_<)
When I had a photoshoot at the sea
my feet were full of sea cucumbers lol
When I was floating with buoy
even thought I was still, I let myself flew with the waves (-.-;)
I'm so clumpsy…
Oh, but I also have good memories !! (^^)
Playing in the sand (^^)v lol
When I was younger I used to watch my brother swim
While I was writing words in the sand and building castles★
But in the end, they were demolished by the waves as usual (^-^;
Oooooooooooh!! (☆_☆)
I DO have a funny memory at the beach!! lol
You guessed it!!
It's when we worked on Buono!'s new music video
for the single "Take it Easy"! (^^)
It was great, awesome, amazing!!!
Really great!!
I'd like to go back… o(^-^)o
There you go!!
I'd like to make more memories to talk about them!!
● 19.08.09 00:00 ★La me~r est gra~ande n’est-ce pa~as
Also, about the fanclub live
celebrating our two years in August…
There's a great rock spirit coming from the rehearsals !! (^^)
As last time, we'll offer you a live with a band so please
come to see us ★
Let's meet there~!!
I'll pass the baton to Miya ★