19.09.08 16:08 ★Hokkaido flan★

Hi everyone ♪
It's Suzuki A~ir~iiiio(^-^)o
This time I'll talk about………!!
● 19.09.08 16:08 ★Flan d’Hokkaido★
Hokkaido's flan (^v^)!
When my father went to Hokkaido the other day …
He bought me two little souvenirs p(^^)q★
Left is silver flan ◇
Right is gold flan◆
The silver one is made from egg whites ☆
It's really refreshing~(^^)
And the gold one is made from egg yolks★
It's really sweet !!
It's my first time
comparing two flans (^^)
It was fun ♪
You should try them out too!!
Try comparing their taste o(^-^)o
As for me...
Ahhh !!
I couldn't chose between the two (^-^;
Both were so Buono!~(^0^)/
It was Suzuki Airi (^O^)