August 21, 2010

Hello. I'm going to the rehearsals now. I'll update after.

● Entrées du 21 Août 2010
Here's a long-time friend : Aquarius Vitamin guide. I'll be able to fight the cold thanks to it.

● Entrées du 21 Août 2010
Today, the 3 others had to leave because of other activities so I'm alone with Nacky. We're doing stretches. It's pretty hard because we're tired.

● Entrées du 21 Août 2010
I just made some stretches. On the picture, you can see what we brought today. A lot of drinks!! And tissues ! (lol)

● Entrées du 21 Août 2010
My muscle pain is increasing~ I'll take a good bath. I'm eating plum juice.