(BLOG) 21.05.09 ★It's Aiーri (^^) ♪

Nice to meet you (^^)★
I'm Suzuki Airiー♪
A special blog has opened!! ★
For our stage (^O^)
Ya~y (^o^)v
So cool, so cool ☆
That means!!
I'm the first member of ℃-ute
to post an entry ♪
Right now...
I'm in the middle of a rehearsal!!(^^)
I finished the script today ☆
My articulation...
...is very bad
I have to think a lot
before reciting my lines (^-^;
Whenever I have free time..
I'm repeating
A, i, u, e, o... A, i, u, e, o... (lol) ◇
I'll do my best -ω-
To change the topic a bit、、、。
I warmed up before the rehearsal〜
And got closer to the other cast members (^^)♪
So …
We've decided to give ourselves surnames to
avoid using honorific pronouns〜●Ж3
Mine is…

That's how everybody calls me!!
It's a bit embarassing  (//З//) lol
Every day
we have a lot of fun during rehearsals!!(^^)

Ah, also
I didn't introduce the character I was playig !!

As for me
Name: Terayama Izumi (寺山泉)
Age:16yo (First year of highschool)

I can't really tell you much details but …
I'll do my best in Izumi's role!!
Wait for it, okay? ☆

Ah, also !!
Everyone 〜
Be careful not to catch a cold !!

See you (^0^)/
● 21.05.09 ★C'est Aiーri (^^) ♪
On the picture…
It's the cover of the script I talked previously…
I made a small schema
explaining the relationship between the characters〜!!
As I didn't really push on the pen
my writing is very thin
I wonder if you can see anything??
If it interests you
Try to zoom in★ (lol)

See youー(^^)♪