21.07.11 00:38 ★It's Airiiii

● 21.07.11 00:38 ★C’est Airiiii● 21.07.11 00:38 ★C’est Airiiii● 21.07.11 00:38 ★C’est Airiiii

Good evening

It's Suzuki Airi~

Gomen’nasai (t/n I'm sorry)
for not updating…

Talking about "Gomen’nasai"
Buono! are the main cast of the movie "Gomen’nasai"
which will release this Autumn~!

It's an horror movie…

Today we had
photoshoots for the posters
because the filming if already over.

I have a feeling of completeness
People who are scared of horror movies
don't watch it (lol)

(Pic 1)

Aaannd today we're also the 20
it's the release of our first single
"Natsu Dakara " !

This time
it's a very fresh song !

As the music video is already on YouTube
go check it out !

(Photo 2)

Also, soon
the rehearsals for Buono! Live tour 2011 Summer ~Rock’n Buono!4~
are going to start

The first date is
August 20 at Namba Hatch

As for the content of the live
I still don't know anything about it (lol)

But this fourth "Rock'n'Buono!"
seems even cuter and cooler than the others

I thought about something

During the rehearsals, I'd like to
update the blog more often

Be patient☆

Well then—!

It was Suzuki Airi!

Good night

(Photo 3)