22.08.09 19:21 ★Rock’nBuono! 2o(^-^)o

It's over~!!
…It's over (T-T)

★Rock’n Buono!2★
The one time fanclub event
It was amazing~!
The members were
*Tsugunaga Momoko
*Natsuyaki Miyabi
*Suzuki Airi
Everyone was awesome♪
Buono! is awesome!!
Dolce is awesome!!
Our fans are awesome~ ★
This time…
I tried to put my feet on the speakers more often
and wave my towels more often
I styled my bangs in a ROCK way!!
All the members always says that Airi
has a perfect bangs…
This time I really didn't pay attention!!
I tried to make it really messy (^^)
It was hard to remove though~ ★ lol
I loved my hair!!
I'd like to make it again some day o(^-^)o
today's Buono!'s 2nd anniversary ! (^^)!
My lovely Buono!…
I hope our story will last for a long time (^^)
I'd be happy if I could spend the 3rd birthday with the same people!
Continue to support Buono!, alright? ★
We'll try to become an ever bigger ROCK group!!
And I also…
There's something I felt for the first time!!
I was really focused on Junko-san today
and I thought that she was very cool
"I would like to play the guitar like her one day!!"
That's what I thought (^^)
I hope that us, Buono!, will be able to play as a group
before next summer o(^-^)o
Then we'll be even rocker ★
I'll do my best!!
It was a live which I learned a lot from☆
I can't wait for our tour in December !!
Thanks a lot everyone!!
★Momo's often drawing Dolce members so
I tried to draw them too ♪
● 22.08.09 19:21 ★Rock’nBuono! 2o(^-^)o
I love you all!!