23.09.09 14:09 ★Turtle-san o(^-^)o

Hi everybody ~ (゜▽゜)/
It's Suzuki Airi ★
I'm so sorry to always update so late (T-T)
Momo, Miya, I'm so sorry m(._.)m

Well, let's move on!!
I'll announce today's theme ☆

Drum rolls!!

What are you thinking about when you hear "Autumn"~…??
You can feel Autumn's fresh air lately☆
There are so many events at this time of the year~!!
I can't pick one~
I can't think about only one so I'll talk about various events ★

①Sports festival!!
We had one this year too (^^)
I tanned a bit~

Suzuki Airi's not good at sports…
This year's junior high school's last festival…
I gave everything I could and was almost out of breath!! ☆
We had that exercise where teachers are wearing baskets on their back and we have to throw some balls in the other team's baskets but...
It was so hard to run and throw the ball at the same time...
My ball didn't reach the basket but hit the arbiter's head (-.-;)
Boooom (^-^;
So sorry ~….
But it was fun!!
And I reached the second place for the obstacle course ♪
We won this year ☆
I'm glad I made a lot of good memories o(^-^)o

Last time when °C-ute had their festival…
It was so fun
I wish I could do a Buono! festival too ★
Wahaha ★

②Culture festival!!☆
We also had one this year too!!
I'm the class representative ★
We still don't know what we're going to do but…
I'm looking forward to it!! ☆
I'll do my best ~!!

③ Sweet potato festival
Since Buono!'s beginning we always talk about this one
Sweet potato festival…
But we still couldn't get to one yet!! (^-^;
Let's make it someday~… (T-T)
Yeah, let's do it!! ☆ lol
I hope our dream will come true one day…
Waha ☆
And the picture is~…
● 23.09.09 14:09 ★Tortue-san o(^-^)o
Not related to the theme but…
Last time °C-ute went to Hawaii I bought these for Buono! (^^)
It was so adorable~ ♪
They're the same color as us★