24.02.08 02:10 Miso, noodles, udon

● 24.02.08 02:10 ☆ Miso, nouilles, udon● 24.02.08 02:10 ☆ Miso, nouilles, udon
Hi everyone★☆
Today there was an event at Nagoya (^^ゞ
We had so much fun this time too p(^^)q
Thank you so much ◇
After this, we,
Buono! and the staff
ate some
★miso, noodles, udon★~!!
We wanted to eat genuine miso♪
It had a particular, delicious taste -(^0^)/
By the way o(^-^)o
I ate some
「Nagoya chicken misp」(^^)
There was some chicken in the udon soup which made it a bit hard to drink……
But I liked it !!
I want to eat it again ◆◇
After the event we'll go to Tokyo and Osaka !!
I'll do my best until then-(^_-)-☆
Please wait for these !!
Well (^^)
It was Suzuki Airi ♪