24.07.09 06:45 ★Ame no hi wa*~(^^)

*Tsuugaku Vector's lyrics

… Sorry for posting so late (T-T)
Today's theme is…
"The song you listen on a rainy days♪"
Yup ★

Because of my last post…
It seems like the rainy season is ending…
I'm so sorry
The song I listen to on rainy days is
♪FUNKY MONKEY BABYS' Chippoke na Yuuki

I listen to it a lot when it's raining on my way to school ★
I'm actually listening to it right now (^^)
There are these lyrics :
"Hitten by rain… Blew by wind… But I'll never give up. I never want to give up!! Someday, I'll get what I want ★"
If I listen to that part,
Even if I'm wet because of the rain
Even if the wind is blowing violently
I feel like I can make it to school !! ☆
The rhythm is pretty joyful
so I feel happy even under the rain !!
I even sing that song with my friends from the volleyball club
What I want to say is that it makes me feel good ♪
So everybody should listen to it too♦

Yesterday and today I was only working in the afternoon so I was able to make some charms for my volleyball club's friends ★
Guess what…o(º♢º)o…
I finished them~~~!!
I'll give them to the girls tomorrow (^^)
See you !!
That was Airi~★