26.06.2010 17:48 Viva♪ Viva♪

That's pretty sudden but
I have an announcement to make ! ♪ (o^∀^o)
There's something I have to tell you ★
Well !
What is it ?
The answer is
the VIVA PAELLA CM ★ (o^∀^o)
I wonder if you've seen it already ?
This time we collaborated with Gutch Yuzo-san ♪
(*・ Д・)★
was so nice ♪♪
Since we met him …
These girls are so young~
That's what he told us!!!
Why can't you be young too ? ♪
Everybody can be
young and hyper at any age ♪
↑ Why didn't I tell what I thought ?♪ *lol*
Ufufu ♪ Well
We had a photoshoot in a good atmosphere (*^ー^)/
I'm talking a lot but…
We've only had one scene with Gutch-san ♪
the scene where the 3 Buono! girls dances in a ★magnificient★ way ☆ *lol*
We practiced our VIVA~♪ in front of a mirror
and tried to say it all together (・ー・*)
The CM is broadcasting in Kantou, Hokkaido and Miyagi regions (・-・●)
I can't see it
where I live ! ;
↑ For these people ♪
I have a solution ☆
As it's a really special time ♪
Somebody can record you a video of the CM and send it to you ☆
You should receive it within 5 days ★
Also ♪
Today is Saturday ☆
Please leave the TV on ♪ *lol*
And watch the CM ☆(^∀^)ノ
Also try the paella pizza ☆
It's absolutely delicious ♪
…………….Oh, I made a mistake ;
it's absolutely Buono!, you know !♪ *lol*
That was the Buono! report ★ (・U・*)♪