27.03.08 14:30 ★tweet tweet……★

● 27.03.08 14:30 ★Piou piou……★
Something smells good…
Hello there ★
It's Suzuki Airi (^^ゞ
The other day, my mother and I♪
Went to Asakusa Kaminarimon (^-^*)/
But before I talk about it……
Know that it's somewhere I really wanted to go for a long time☆
I was so excited !! ((o(^-^)o))
So thrilled (゜▽゜)/ …
The reason why I was so impatient is!!!!
Of course, food… ((sweat
I went there with such kind of thoughts…..
We walked on a loooong shopping path ☆
Then when we got to the ed!!
Jan (^0^)/
and Ningyoyaki ★☆★☆
Yeah ♪
When I talked about something that smelled good ◇◆
It's the just cooked ningyoyaki !!
And the fried agemanjuu □■
I fell in love at first sight……
I took a lot home ♪
Maccha, pumpkin, etc.
Many different taste...
They were all delicious♪
So Buono! ★☆
Then after~…
At the Kibidango shop
I ate a really sticky kibidango (^o^)v …
It was bigger than my hand !!
And a heart-shaped senbei ☆
Vraiment croustillant…
Another one!!
The last one♪
Monja Croquette!!
That's what I would recommend you ◇◆
The ingredients are……
Hot monjayaki!
I love the taste of cheese♪
Everybody should go to Asakusa
And try these out ★
Well then………
From the girl who loves Asakusa, Suzuki Airi (^^ゞ