28.05.09 16:39 ☆ ★It's May 28 !!

Hello ★
It's Airi (^^)/
First of all~
Here's today's theme!!
Tadam o(^ – ^)o
Of course !!
When I hear "event" the first thing
that comes to my mind is
『MY BOY』's release event ★
We'll have an handshake event this time too!!
I can't wait ☆
I can't give you much details but -ω- v
That'd be a really energetic event this time !!
I can't wait for Saturday~
Talking about events ! ★ω★ρ
Today's the day of someone really important to me (^^)
Did you guess ??
Yes o(^ – ^)o
It's my father's birthday (^o^)v
Happy birthday, papa ♪
I respect my father a lot
He's usually very kind and
interesting and sometimes shocking
and sometimes is pretty frank
He's just like me ★
But sometimes,
he scolds me...
He's doing an amazing job ☆
Even if he sometimes say
"I have to work hard not to be beaten by my own daughter~"
I can't compare to him in anything (^ – ^;★
I'll do my best
To not be won over by my dad !!
I love you !!(->ω<-)♪
I hope you'll be there for a long time (^^)
That's true.
There's another event
for me and all the other students...
Exams !!φ(.. )☆
Even if I'm not updating my blog frequently
I'm studying a lot  (^ ^ゞ

● 28.05.09 16:39 ☆ ★C’est le 28 mai!!

For tomorrow
I need to know sciences and biology stuffs (゜▽゜)
Both exams are on the same day (´Д`)
So I'm working hard by doing sample problems...
Go Airi!!
I have to stay motivated and work hard !!
Ah, also, also !
At the previous event I told you all I
had a test for which I had to memorize a lot of english
I passed !! (^^)
I thought I should tell you ☆
Well there…
That was my post !!
I pass the baton to
Miyachama( ^^)Y☆Y(^^ )
See you~★