28.11.07 11:22 So hot, so hoooot ♪ ((sweat

Hi there p(^^)q
It's Airi Suzuki ☆

For this post…
When I went to Osaka for °C-ute and Buono! events ★
We ordered these (^^)
● 28.11.07 11:22 Brûlant bruuuulant ♪ ((sueur

They're takoyaki (>o<●)
They're HOT ♪ Burning hot ♪ Wow~ ♪
Thats what I thought ◆◇
I immediately took one to taste it

We all 3 ate a piece!
… … B.B.But!
It was so HOT !!
I burned my tongue…
Then my eyes filled with tears… ((cry
What's happening??
I was very worried (ーー;)

It was so good
I couldn't stop eating them… …

I was very happy ♪
That's what I thought ◇◆
Next time I go to Osaka I would like to try…

That's it o(^-^)o

It was Airi ★