Jul 22, 2016

August 30, 2010

● 30 Août 2010
Hello. I have a day off today, so I'll be going to a certain place with my mother and my little brother. On the picture is my outfit for today.

● 30 Août 2010
I arrived~ I fell asleep in the plane. I also have muscle pain in the neck... (lol) The picture has been taken at the airport before our departure. Well, do you know where I'm heading to ??

● 30 Août 2010
We went to the market today !! I find a crab walking... It was so big...

● 30 Août 2010
I ate a milk and green tea icecream. All of that for 100yen ! I'm so happy ! I'll get fat~ lol

● 30 Août 2010
And I ate another icecream somewhere else !! It was so good I couldn't believe it !! So creamy, ah~ Full happiness

● 30 Août 2010
I'm on a boat~ There's a lot of wind because it's fast

● 30 Août 2010
This is what I found. That's the first time I'm eating dry marshmallow.

● 30 Août 2010
About my dinner... The hotel buffet was amazing, I could cry (lol) There so much more food than on the picture ahahah

● 30 Août 2010
The view I have right now. It's so pretty... It's one of the prettiest place in the world. Hakodate at night.

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