(TRANSLATION) Airi Suzuki - "The Idol admired by other Idols" (Modelpress interview published on 23/05/17)

She sings well, she dances well, has a great body and is very cute... Here's Suzuki Airi (23), whose popularity can't stop climing... Known to be "The Idol admired by other Idols", her first stylebook "Airi Mania" releases on May 23. We had the luck to interview her on her past, her present and more importantly, the future awaiting for her. 

Idol and model... Very popular among girls

While continuing her activities inside the Idol group "°C-ute", which will disband on next June 12, Suzuki Airi is an exclusive model for "Ray" since April 2015. (...) The popularity of Idols being a model is climbing, but mainly for Suzuki Airi, whose tickets for the handshake events celebrating the release of her style book were sold out immediately after the announcement.

Suzuki says "It's a miracle that happened" but during our interview, we got a glimpse of her work and efforts. She has the "support from girls" she deserves, and has become the "Idol admired by other Idols" that she should become. But the truth is...

She doesn't have confidence in herself

Airi has become an exclusive model for "Ray" in April 2015. Until now, she appeared in the same magazine numerous times and her popularity among readers was climbing but she didn't have much confidence.

"I'm 162cm, so I never thought I could become a model... But I was lucky enough and when it was decided, I tried not to be too frustrated about my height and not make it a complex.Instead, I should do my best with it. There are many tall models and as I have a pretty regular size, I hope to become the closest one to the readers' height. I still have to work hard though (laughs)". 

Struggling with the introduction of personal outfits

Suzuki is, in fact, not a very stylish person. She had a lot of struggles when she had to introduce her personal outfits for "Ray".

"I remember that. When they announced me I would become an exclusive model, I had to take 11 different personal outfits in picture (laughs) I didn't really have much personal outfits and I was struggling because of it... Ah, that's what it's like to be a model ? I need to be more interested in fashion...
Since then, I pay more attention to what I wear, and I went to go shopping. Thanks to this, I started to love fashion. Many fans tells me "You've changed your style !" because until now, I looked very messy (laughs)".

For fans...

What changed the most since she became an exclusive model is the fact she started to follow the trends. One of the reason that helped her becoming somebody stylish is fans' support.

"I'm very grateful because I got more feminine fans and many people came to the handshake events after seeing me in the magazines. I thought that if I was wearing cheesy outfits when they were doing their best to look up the model I was, then they would wear cheesy outfits because of me..."

Why did she become so popular among girls ?

She became very popular since she's a model, but that's because she was already popular as an Idol before being chosen by "Ray". What's her opinion on the topic ?

"I don't know the reason either, but when we started our blog, the number of feminine fans really started to grow as well. As I was going to highschool at the time, I was having school exams at the same time as fans, I had school festivals at the same time as them... We were in a different place but we were living the same thing. Many feminine fans told me "I see Airi's working hard so I also want to work hard too". I started to think I should become an accessible Idol, and I started to introduce small price make-up on my blog and such..."

Facing the encouragements...

More than half of the fans coming to her handshake events are girls. She sings well, dances well, has a pretty face, and is very cute... On Internet, people don't stop encouraging her...

"It's frightening... I'd like to see the same stuff fans see in me (laughs) I like to see fans' opinions on the net because I like to see people's opinion about me, but if I do it too much, then I forget who I truly am so I only check the minimum I can. But I always liked to take other peoples' opinions for my work !".

"Idol admired by other Idols"

"That's really what people are saying ?! There are some people talking about it to me but I really thought "Who can say such a thing ?" (laughs) But it's been 15 years since I was an Idol... At first, I didn't want to be an Idol, just sing. But while continuing these activities, I thought "I'd like the Idol Suzuki Airi to be like that!" and I kept working to keep that promise. If others "admire" me for who I am as an Idol, then I'm happy". 

It's good to have complexes

But Airi's full of complexes and isn't fully confident.

"'The Idol Suzuki Airi is full of complexes, and after doing many researches, I found a theory saying it's good to have complexes. It's very positive, but... (laughs) Thanks to studying that theory, I got a better look on myself. If you don't have complexes, then you don't work on yourself. There are many times I hate my voice during recordings, many complexes about my body, othere where I feel I'm too small, or that I think 'I should do that with my legs'..."

I can always do more.

But her determination to face the smallest thing may be the reason why she is so popular.

"I do a job where I stand in front of people, and if I meet their expectations they encourage me. That's why I keep telling myself 'I can do more, always more!'. It's very fun, I never thought it was boring. "

After ℃-ute's disband...

The group's dissolution draws closer on June 12. However, she still doesn't know what she really wants to do.

"I'm still discussing possible future projects. There is still nothing decided or concrete so I worry a little (laughs) But there are things I would like to do. first, sing!
I will stop my work as an Idol, and then finish my studies in March, so everything will suddenly stop for me. But I don't want to stop my activities now, there are still a lot of things I can't stop. "

Talking about her actual dream !

"I don't want to stop my activities now". What is the thing that she cannot give up? She talks to us about her dream with sparkling eyes.

"I always liked to sing so when I always wanted to continue, but when I thought about it, I noticed that what I liked most was to make others smile. Not only thanks to the songs but also thanks to my modeling activities, I have the opportunity to appear in many medias, and I would like to continue to be someone who gives a little happiness, a little courage and who supports others.
Even myself, I have no idea how I could change the "Airi Suzuki" that I have shown so far, but more than fear, I am very excited about this idea. "

Her first solo appearance on the cover of the magazine

She appears on the cover of the issue of "Ray" which is out today. One of her dreams has come true !

"One of my dreams was to appear alone on the cover of a fashion magazine, so I was very happy when I heard about it. I was also very excited during the shooting. I was also very anxious, I couldn't imagine my reaction when I saw it in bookstores ... Ah, it must be embarrassing ... (laughs) ".