Airi SUZUKI - MewMew Magazine (2011)

Q1. The origins of your name
Being loved by everyone, since I’m the reason’s children. ♥ (note : ri = reason)

Q2. Surnames?
Airi, Ai-chan, Osuzu, Zukki, Berutsuri (← by some people)

Q3. Your habits?
When I sneeze, I say "Kato chan pe".

Q4. Hobbies?
I’m addicted to iced tea!!

Q5. Lessons, school clubs?
Lessons ( in elementary school) →piano, english conversations, swimming (only in summer)
Clubs (in elementary school) →Manga & Anime club, Scientist club,  Home maid club.

Q6. Your favourite food?
Green tea, natto, variety meat, milk, condensed milk, ginger, cucumber……red plum, they are my basical favorite food♥

Q7. Your favourite colour?
Spicy colours, red-brown, blue-green, mustard-colour……etc.♥

Q8. Your favourite book?
All of Yamada Yukai-san’s !!

Q9. Your favourite words?
"Arigatou & "Icho otto jikon"

Q10. Your favourite place?
At home. And when I’m around greenery, pure air!! It makes me want to sing without thinking.

Q11. As a child, what were your favorite songs?
"Break Out!!" from Aikawa Nanase-san, "Anata ni Aitakute" from Matsuda Seiko-san.

Q12. What type of girl were you in your childhood?
I loved singing, I liked to sing and dance on a stage already!!

Q13. Give-us one childhood secret!
I cut the hair of Rika-chan’s doll. (×o×)

Q14. The job you wanted to have when you were a child?

Q15. The part-time job you want to try?
Cashier!! In a fast food♥

Q16. Charm point?
My eyelashes. They are surprisingly long~♥

Q17. Your qualities?
Being positive. Having my own pace.

Q18. Your flaws?
I’m so slow.

Q19. With which animal do you compare yourself?
Otters!! Because I’m desesperate for eating (lol)

Q20. The Hello! Project’s song you relate yourself to?
"Kira Kira" from Buono!. The lyrics♥

Q21. Your first action when you wake up?
Washing my face~

Q22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning at home?
1h30minutes (counting the bath!!). If I’m late,I’m ready in 15 minutes.

Q23. Your daily routine?
I always drink milk in the morning!!

Q24. What do you do before sleeping?
Plugging my cellphone !

Q25. Your ideal menu?
White rice, boiled fish……Iya,  hamburger? Hmmm……I don’t know! (lol) Everything cooked by my mother is fine♥

Q26. Are you snoring?
Yes. Even when I’m with the other members♥

Q27. Are you a morning person?
Not really……. I don’t remember falling asleep in the first place…

Q28. How do you spend your holidays?
By sleeping a lot. This way, I’m more relaxed♥

Q29. Things that you always take in a car?
Towel, wallet, cellphone, headphones, mirror, and I don’t forget the battery・・・・・・I usually have a lot of bags (lol).

Q30. Things you collect?
Recently, things that protect against the warmth.

Q31. You’re playing a guy character in a romantic comedy. Please pick an H!P member to be your girlfriend!
Maeda Yuuka-chan♥ It seems real♥ (lol) She’s really cute~♥

Q32. You’re playing the main character in a romantic comedy. Please pick an H!P member to be your boyfriend!
Yajima Maimi♥ Refreshing, eat a lot,is an athlet~♪Will be perfect for ♥

Q33. You’re doing a comedy. Please pick an H!P member as a partner!
Kumai Yurina-chan!! We both like green tea, we’ll speak for houuuurs about that (lol).

Q34. In a sport festival you have to do a relay race. Please pick an H!P member to be your partner!
Mai-chan, Wada-chan, Mano-chan, Chisato♥ They are quick so..(lol).

Q35. You’re a journalist-reporter. You have to do a reportage about an H!P member at home, which one you choose?
Chisato-chan. Her brothers are absolutely funny☆

Q36. Model challenge. You have to do the hairstyle and being a stylist for two H!P members. Which ones?
Stylist→Kumai-chan♥ She’s tall so we can do everything!!
Hairstyle→Nakajima Saki-chan!! She always do ℃-ute’s hairstyle by herself♥

Q37. Shuffle unit challenge. You have to sing a song, with which member will you sing with?
With Chisato-chan, "Melodies"from GAM. Since they’re already a 2-members group!!

Q38. You’re the producer of Buono!’s live. Please pick one H!P song for the opening!
When everyone practice their instruments, "We are Buono! ~Buono! no Theme♥".

Q39. You’re the producer of Buono!’s live. Please pick one H!P song the members have to perform solo!
Tsugunaga Momoko→ "Hoshi no Hitsuji-tachi". I like Momo’s voice in that song!!
Natsuyaki Miyabi→ "Lady Panther". I like to watch sexy Miya (lol).
Suzuki Airi→ "Tabidachi no Uta". I really do love this song……

Q40. You’re the producer of Buono!’s live. Please pick on H!P song for the ending!
"Tabidachi no Uta".

Q41. Buono!’s attractive point?
We 3 are completely different.

Q42. Something fun you’ve done recently?
Sword-fighting for the first time!! I got fired up!!

Q43. Something that made you laugh recently?
Members doing a horse monomane. Pakarappakaraaaa♪

Q44. Have you cried recently?
Hmmm……not really.

Q45. Something you’re crazy about recently?
A red dress. I feel that wearing red will make a UP.

Q46. In the future, what do you want?
Buono! to go to Italy!

Q47. In 10 years, what will you do?
I have plenty of time to have goals……

Q48. In 30 years, what will you do?
I’ll continue to sing. Or I’ll be working !! (lol)

Q49. An animal which is like man for you?
Lion!! Strong, eating well, loving his family.

Q50. Last message!
As a 3 members group, Buono! will do its best ! Come to our live and help us to share the true ROCK! Treat us well!