(BLOG) 2017-07-07 07:00:12 ♡It's Airi SUZUKI (´∀`)

Good evening everyone ( ´艸`)
It's Airi SUZUKI!!!



is starting !

 The title is coming from my style book "Airi Mania"

I'd be happy if thanks to that blog
you learn more about me

 and become an Airimania you too ♡♡♡

Ah, there's also something else.
I tried to give a special meaning to that blog.

My first post is done
on July 7 at 07:00.

Ah!!!Lucky 7!!!!!

Even more, it's tanabata!!!!

Just like the milky way where Orihime-sama and Hikoboshi-sama meet,
I want to make this blog a place where I can interact with people important to me

As it begins surrounded by the auspicious 7,
I would like it to become a place where you find courage

Couting on your support from now on too (σ・∀・)σ