(BLOG) Cuisine Buono! - 10.11.2007 Update

I'm drooling~ ♪

Hey! It's Airi Suzuki ☆
I'm in Nagoya right now!

… … Just kidding (^^)
I'm in Tokyo o(^-^) lol

This picture was taken in a restaurant full of local specialities (゜-゜)

Nagoya style's delicacies~ ◇◆
Yakitori with miso sauce! Don't you think it's the perfect combo??
I saw I had to order them when I saw it (^O^)
It was a very large portion…
But I still ate everything ★

I really love Nagoya's food~
I want some more ◇

Oh also!!
As Momo said in her previous post…
I think my pictures are getting better…

What do you think?
My phone is full with pictures of food~
I'm going to update with more of them!

That's all… … (゜_゜壁。。。
It was Airi Suzuki ♪ o(^-^o)