(BLOG) Cuisine Buono! - 16.10.2007 Update


Hello~ p(^^)q
Cuisine Buono!

This blog's second post is from….!!
Airi Suzuki―――★

This photo is something I brought recently from Fukuoka…… ☆

I buy some every time I go to Fukuoka ♪
Take some spicy mentaiko and white rice…
Mix them (>。<)
It's so good―――――◇◆

I ate it in seconds!
It'd be great to taste various mentaiko~
Well, in my opinion ☆
Anyway, it was very good (●´3`)

This time the three Buono! members…
一ate it together ♪
Yup (@´U`@)

From now on we'll share this type of content ◆◇

Continue to check out the blog please ★・ωpq)
This was ♪, Airi Suzuki!