(BLOG) Cuisine Buono! - 31.10.2007 Update

Yum ♪ Delicious ★

Cuisine Buono!
Chapter 5... Airi Suzuki reporter ★

Well~ What you can see on the picture is...
A seafood lunchbox... It really is full of seafood (^^) Wahaa

It's the lunchbox I ate in Sapporo during °C-ute's latest tour ♪
Salmon, tsuna, shrimps, and some cucumbers!
The box was full...
My stomach too~

It was very refreshing((●・U・)/
By the way, I hate wasabi
so Kanna-chan ate it for me(^o^;)
Thank you~ ◆◇

I wished Miya and Momo were here to taste some of it too m(._.)m
Especially Momo, she would've loved it...
So I hope (^^ゞ
we will be able to go to Sapporo someday again☆

Well then _(._.)_

That's it for today...

Until the next time I find something delicious (゜-゜●))

It was Airi ◆◇