(2007/08/19) ℃-ute Cutie Circuit 2007 blog

Today we went to Hiroshima――♪

This time I shared a room with Kanna o(^-^)o
Even though there were two beds, we sleeped in the same one with pair-looking pajamas ( ^^)Y

Because of that when we went to bed~☆ It was pretty hot… lol( ̄▽ ̄;)

Let's talk about the event……

Today they were two performances ↑
During the first performance's Magical Mission、I had to answer to some questions(●´U`

About Matsuura-san's Ayaya Golf… And I also thought about…… an Airi Golf. lol
I'd like to do some someday♪ hahaha………

The live was also very exciting.
A very dynamical live↑

There are only two performances left for this Cutie Circuit (□≦~)
I'll do my best until the end~↑↑

Please continue to support us(^^ゞ
It was Suzuki Airi o(^-^o)♪